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    Written by Kelly Sosik-Hamor

    Before you get a hedgehog, it is important that you be sure they are legal in your city and state. Since laws are continually changing, it is best that you contact your state Fish and Game Commission and check your county regulations. We'll do our best to keep a running list of the restrictions placed on hedgehogs, however, please realize that our information may go out of date from time to time.

    Note that this list only pertains to the African Pygmy hedgehog and NOT to any other species of hedgehogs.

    Alaska - If you are shipping into Alaska, you need to call the state vet and ask about the local requirements.

    Arizona - As of December 2015, hedgehogs are legal in Arizona

    California - Hedgehogs are not legal at all.

    Georgia - Illegal to posses, but licensed breeding is allowed if the hedgehogs are sold out of state.

    Hawaii - Hedgehogs are not legal at all.

    Kansas - At the 12/2/2008 Board of Commissioners meeting, it was decided that hedgehogs would be allowed animals in the city of Lawrence, where previously they had been illegal

    Kentucky - If you are shipping into Kentucky, you need to call the state vet and ask about the local requirements.

    Maine - As of May 2017, hedgehogs are legal with no permit required

    Montana - In early 2005 there was a ban on importing hedgehogs into this state. The are supposed to be reclassified and to be imported again sometime in early summer ...
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