• Getting a Pet Hedgehog

    Is a hedgehog a good pet for me?-
    That depends on your expectations in a pet. If you want a pet that will come when called, be alert and ready to play all day long, and be trained to do tricks, a hedgehog is probably not a good choice. If you don't mind a pet that is most alert in the late evening or at night, can be a bit moody when woke up, and is more independent, then you may be a good owner for a hedgehog.

    Do they make good pets for kids?-
    This depends entirely on the kid in question. A child who has learned to be gentle and respectful of animals may do perfectly well with a hedgehog. A child who is rough or unkind to animals most likely will not be able to handle a hedgehog, due to the hedgehog's desire and ability to protect themselves. Of course, with any pet, it is the adults' responsibility to make sure that they are taken care of properly, and treated with respect.

    How do they do with other pets?-
    Many other pets will be respectful of hedgehog safety. Most dogs, cats, and other similar sized pets will quickly learn that hedgehogs must be treated carefully, after recieving their first poke in the nose or paw from being too curious. Small pets should not be exposed to hedgehogs, due to the possibility that the hedgehog will think that they are a food source, and try to bite them. At no time should a hedgehog be left with ANY other species of pets without close and constant supervision.

    Where can I purchase a pet hedgehog?-
    It is not recommended to purchase your hedgehog from a pet store, as most pet stores purchase their hedgehogs from brokers who purchase from mass quantity breeders who may not care about temperament or health of the hedgehogs they produce. We recommend purchasing your new pet from a reputable breeder who breeds for the happiest healthiest pet possible. Check out our breeders listings to see some of the breeders involved in our site, or do a search online for hedgehog breeders in your area. You also may be able to find a hedgehog through your local humane society or classified ads, but be aware that these hedgehogs may have special needs.

    How do I pick a pet hedgehog?-
    Look for a bright, perky, well socialized animal, with no signs of health problems. Make sure that the hedgehog is at least 6 weeks of age if you are purchasing a baby. Make sure that any poops are firm, well formed, and of a typically dark brownish color. Eyes, ears, and genitals should be clean and with no sign of discharge.