• Caging

    What size cage should I get?-
    The VERY bare minimum that is recommended for a single hedgehog is 2 square foot. However, significantly more than this is definately preferable. Larger cages encourage more healthy activity levels, which are very beneficial to general health of the animal. As well, in larger cages, you can provide more toys, hiding spaces, and other objects that encourage your hedgehog to be better adjusted and less bored.

    What style of cage is best?-
    This largely depends on personal preference. As long as it is of appropriate size, well ventilated, and safe for hedgehogs (no wire floors, no sharp surfaces, no gaps large enough for them to crawl through, etc) it is worth considering.

    Can I use an aquarium for a cage?-
    Aquariums are among the lesser desirable cage options for hedgehogs.By the time you get to a tank that is large enough for their housing needs, you are dealing with a very large, heavy, awkward tank that is difficult and perhaps dangerous to clean properly. As well, most aquariums do not have appropriate ventilation to keep the air quality at hedgehog breathing level healthy, even with an open or screened lid.

    Which is better, single level or multi-level?-
    Since some hedgehogs never learn or prefer not to use upper levels of a cage, it is preferable that your living space be on a single level. However, multiple levels CAN be offered, as long as the floor surface is solid and not wire, and the distance that the hedgehog would fall if they walked off the edge of the level is short (6 inches or less is preferred). The multiple levels are more likely to be used by very active and curious hedgehogs.