• Emergency Breeding Questions

    My hedgehog just had babies, what do I do?-
    First up, DO NOT TOUCH HER OR THE BABIES. Mother hedgehogs can and will kill or reject their babies if they are disturbed. Reduce loud or sudden noises in the area of the cage. Resist the urge to look at the babies frequently. If the mother hedgehog has toys or a wheel in her cage, it is a good idea to remove these. They can be distracting for her, and can prevent her from spending lots of time with the babies. Do not disturb the cage unnecessarily, it is a good idea to leave the mother completely alone except for putting in fresh food and water.

    I think my mother hedgehog is rejecting her babies! Should I take them away?-
    Many times, suspected rejections are actually caused by the frantic owners disturbing the mother and babies. If you think that your mother hedgehog is rejecting her babies, drape a light blanket over the part of her cage where her nest box is, and go out to a movie or something. Get completely away from the cage, and do not disturb the mother. Hopefully, the mother will settle down with some peace and quiet, and resume caring for the babies. If she does not, try to find a breeder in your area that may have another nursing mother that might take the babies. Hand raising baby hedgehogs is very difficult, and has a very low success rate. Handfeeding should be considered the VERY last option.