• Should I Breed?

    Should I breed my pet store hedgehog?-
    It isn't a good idea. There are severe genetic diseases that occur in hedgehogs, and by breeding an animal from a pet store that may have these genetic illnesses in their family, you are running a risk that you will produce babies that may all die at a young age from a horribly debilitating illness. It is ESPECIALLY important to not breed two pet store hedgehogs together. Even if they came from different pet stores, at different times, it is still possible that they are closely related, which will greatly increase your chances of producing deformed, diseased, or weak babies. With the abundance of good breeders all over North America that track their hedgehogs' pedigrees carefully, avoid inbreeding, and stop lines that show genetic illnesses, it is getting more and more possible to get animals that are breeding quality. Sometimes, these animals are not any more expensive than some pet store purchases.

    I want to breed hedgehogs because I think it would be A.) Good for my kids to watch, B.) fun, or C.) A good way to make money. Why is this not a good idea?-
    Hedgehog breeding can be a very heartbreaking, not to mention costly, activity. It is very heartbreaking for adults and kids alike to wait anxiously for a litter of babies, and then find the babies stillborn or killed by the mother. Or even worse, to have live babies, get to know those babies as individuals, and then lose them anyway. It is also possible for the mother to have problems in delivering the babies, and either die or require a costly emergency operation. Depending on your vet, this can cost as much as $2000 US.