• Should You Consider Shipping?

    If you are unable to find a breeder near you that has babies, then you may have to consider having a hedgehog shipped to you. The decision to ship can be a tough one for many people, for several reasons.

    Shipping can be expensive- The primary way to legally ship is through an airline that does animal shipping. The cost of this is anywhere from $100-200, which is as much or more than most hedgehogs themselves. Do not EVER allow a breeder to ship a hedgehog through the mail, UPS, or any other package delivery system. This is very dangerous and uncomfortable for an animal, and is ILLEGAL. Sometimes, a breeder will have someone else that is in your area that may be looking for a shipping buddy, which basically means that the two (or more) hedgehogs will be shipped in the same cage, and the owners involved will share the shipping costs. This can cut your costs GREATLY, and be a good way to meet another hedgehog owner in your area as well.

    Not all breeders ship- Many breeders are not within easy driving distance of a major airport that does animal shipping, so it either involves a lot of driving for them, or they choose not to ship. The smaller non-shipping breeders can usually recommend a shipping breeder to you, however.

    Animals cannot be shipped during some parts of the year- Most airlines are not able to accept animal shipments when the temperature is either too high or too low. This is purely for the safety of the animals, even though it can be quite irritating at times.

    Shipping can be stressful on the animals- While typically, it is a pretty minimum stress, sometimes animals CAN get stressed out from shipping. Animal shipping is basically harmless due to the requirements for them to be in climate controlled, pressurized cabins, (ie, similar to the passenger cabins), and animal shipments are usually treated VERY carefully. However, just like in human travels, sometimes you have to deal with turbulence, which can be somewhat stressful. HOWEVER, I feel that a couple of hours being shipped in a plane really isn't any more stressful than a several hour car ride, and most hedgehogs adapt quickly once they are on the ground again.

    Shipping can be stressful on the humans too- Between making the initial arrangements, and waiting on the other end for the plane to FINALLY arrive and discharge your new baby, shipping is probably more stressful for the humans than the animals. As well, occasionally there are delayed flights, and rarely, missed flights.

    If you are prepared to deal with these issues, then shipping can be a great way to get a quality hedgehog baby from a breeder that you respect and know to be very highly respected. Good luck with your decision!