• Hedgehogs and the Weather

    Written by Antigone Means-Burleson

    Over the years, we've made a lot of observations about how the weather can influence hedgies. Most hedgehog owners have had the scary experience of attempted hibernation first-hand, or have seen hedgies splatted out when the weather is warm. What many hedgehog owners are not aware of is that hedgies can be significantly affected by changes in barometric pressure!

    It's been my experience, and that of many hedgie owners I've talked to, that hedgies get more active when there is a big weather front moving in. The incidence of "My hedgie is going psycho and trashing its cage" emails that I get rises significantly and I see it in my own hedgies too. It also seems to affect hedgies' breeding. When weather patterns are amok, it has been my experience, and that of other breeders with whom I've spoken, that hedgie mamas are more likely to abandon or destroy litters when there are rapid changes in barometric pressure. This seems to be a greater factor than time or season of the year. I'm not sure how to put together a statistical analysis of this phenomenon, but the observational data is pretty persuasive!