• 10 Commandments of Hedgehog World

    Book of Hedgehogworld, Chapter 1, Verse 1......
    And the almighty moderators (ok, the almighty moderator with too much time on her hands) passed down from the top of the hedgehog mountain engraved on the announcements section of the forum a list of commandments. These commandments were words of wisdom from the moderators to the valued population of the forums. These commandments do not carry any implied reactions or punishments above or alongside the rules and regulations that have already been passed down from the hedgehog mountain in the same manner.
    1.) Thou shalt not irritate thy moderators, or thou shalt witness much wailing and gnashing of teeth.
    2.) Thou shalt not clutter the threads of other members with posts unrelated to thothers original intent
    3.) Thou shalt post one thread, and one thread only about a single topic.
    4.) Thou shalt treat thy neighbors on the forum as thou wishes to be treated
    5.) Thou shalt accompany thy mischevious comments with such directives as hehe, har, haha, etc. to allow others to understand thy intentions.
    6.) Thou shalt do thy ranting and raving offline, rather than post thy rants and raves on the forum.
    7.) Thou shalt apply thy wisdom and knowledge to thy posts. If thou lacks wisdom and knowledge, thou shalt consider the wisdom and knowledge provided by thothers.
    8.) Thou shalt maintain thy sense of humor when dealing with other posters (even if thy moderators they may be)
    9.) Thou shalt consider the opinions of others, and treat thy opponents with respect.
    10.) Thou shalt enjoy this forum, and participate often!

    **disclaimer.... no, I do not have a god complex. I have a moderator complex. Remember to apply #8 when reading this post!