• Who We Are

    Hedgehogworld.com was created in 2004 by a group of hedgehog owners and breeders who had more than 40 years of combined experience with hedgehogs. This group had been friends and collaborators for a few years, supporting and encouraging each other through thick and thin with life, hedgehogs, and the hedgehog community. Each individual had worked hard to promote hedgehog information through their own websites, so they decided to put all of their hard work together in one place. Thus, hedgehogworld.com was born.

    Our goal for the site has always been to create a home where we could provide accurate and current information from a variety of viewpoints. We wanted to have a safe and friendly place to get to know other hedgehog fans from around the world, and share ideas, stories, and problems.

    Since Hedgehog World's creation, we have worked towards that goal by organizing shows, public appearances at pet expos and other community events, hosting gatherings, and continuing to add to our information bank. We hope that our work is never finished, and we will be able to grow and develop for many years to come.

    Meet Our Founding Staff!

    Laura and Bill Tong- Site owners and administrator. Owned by hedgehogs since 1996. Also owners of www.pogstarhedgehogs.com

    Becca Loane- Assistant administrator, author, and chief pain in the tush! Owned by hedgehogs since 1995. Formerly known as Daisy Meadows Hedgehogs.

    Stasi Kanyuck- Site moderator, author, and cheering squad. Kind enough to get sucked into many of Becca's plots and schemes. Owned by hedgehogs since 1999. Also owner of www.terrapinhedgehogs.com

    Kelly and Sean Sosik-Hamor- Site moderators, authors, and Sean pinch-hits as administrator when needed. Owned by hedgehogs since 1994. Also owner of www.hamorhollow.com

    Antigone Means-Burleson- Site moderator and author. Owned by hedgehogs since 1994. Also owner of www.hedgehogvalley.com

    We have also added some other staff and support people through the years that have helped to keep us motivated and growing. We wouldn't be where we are without them, and we thank them for all of their hard work! You can get to know our support staff through their participation in our forums.