• Make your own hedgie tunnel!

    Here are the instructions to make a hedgie tunnel like this one:

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    Hedgie Tunnel

    * Plastic Canvas
    *1/2 yard fabric of choice (I used cotton)

    The plastic canvas I used was 10.5" x 13.5" unlike the sample I linked to. I used 1 sheet for everything I think, but I'd grab a second one just in case of mistakes, or if you want to add your own touches to this work in progress!

    I created this hedgie tunnel since I cannot get my hands on any PVC pipe for a tunnel, and also because this is completely washable (though after washing it in my machine, I might recommend hand washing only on this one, the plastic can buckle or break under pressure).

    Step 1: Cut one strip of plastic canvas from the longer side at least one inch wide, or up to 1.5". This will be the support for the entrances of the tunnel.

    Step 2: Cut this strip in half, trim rough edges, and set aside.

    Step 3: Use remaining plastic canvas to measure your fabric before cutting. Make sure to leave 1-2 inches seam allowance, it's OK if once inserted into the fabric sleeve the plastic canvas has a little wiggle room. Cut 2 pieces of the same size.

    Step 4: Sew your fabric pieces wrong side out on three sides, leaving one side open to insert the plastic canvas. Turn your fabric inside out.

    Step 5: Insert the large piece of plastic canvas into the fabric sleeve. Using the seam allowance on the open side, fold the edge under with the rough edges inside the sleeve and sew shut. Set aside.

    Step 6: Using the long side of one of the smaller pieces of plastic canvas from Step 2 to measure width, and one of the short ends of your finished fabric sleeve to measure length, measure and cut 2 pieces of fabric of the same size. These will become the floor of the tunnel.

    Step 7: Repeat Step 4 with the two pieces of fabric you've just cut for your tunnel bottom. After turning the new sleeve right side out, insert one of the small pieces of plastic canvas and make sure it is settled at the bottom of the sleeve.

    Step 8: Stitch a line across the sleeve above the plastic canvas piece so that it cannot move into the rest of the sleeve.

    Step 9: Approximately 2" from the opposite end of the sleeve, stitch another line straight across and insert the second piece of plastic canvas. Fold rough edges of fabric inward and stitch the sleeve shut.

    NOTE: The following steps are completed without a sewing machine

    Step 10: Using a needle and thread, stitch the larger fabric covered canvas to the smaller one. For this step I folded the fabric sleeve of the large piece under and used it as a "tab" to sew the larger top of the tunnel to the bottom.

    Step 11: Inspect the tunnel for loose threads or digging opportunities for your hedgie. Tuck away and secure loose threads at this time. TIP: Use small stitches when hand-sewing the pieces together, these will be harder for a hedgie to get their nails caught in the stitches.

    And now you have a ready-made hedgie tunnel that can be washed when necessary!
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