• How to make a sleeping bag for your hedgehog

    By Connecticut Hedgehogs
    Photos courtesy of Hamor Hollow Hedgehogs

    Making a hedgebag is pretty easy. You will want to make a few so that if one has to be washed you have extras available.

    There are a few different ways to make a sleeping bag. The most important thing is that there are no loose threads or exposed seams to get your hedgehogs toe or foot caught. When you select your fabric, you want to keep this in mind.

    Old clean clothing can be an inexpensive source of fabric.

    A 10 by 12 finished size bag is a good size for most hedgehogs. Remember to allow for seams when measuring.

    What you will need for one hedge bag

    Matching thread
    Sewing machine (or needle if you are hand stitching.)

    Cut four rectangular pieces of fabric. You can use 4 of the same fabric or if you want to get fancy you can use two different fabrics, two pieces for the liner and two for the outside bag.

    Inside liner-
    Pin two of the fabric pieces right sides (the side with the design) together.
    Sew 3 sides leaving the top open.
    Put aside for now.

    Outside bag-
    Pin the other 2 pieces right sides together.
    Sew 3 sides, leaving the top open.
    Turn right side out.
    Place the inside liner inside the outer bag.
    Only the top will have unsewn edges.

    Turn the two top edges over on the outside of the bag.
    Turn the fabric again hiding the raw seams on the inside of the fold.
    Flatten out the fold.

    Sew around the bottom of the fold you have made and then up from the bottom fold.

    Trim all loose threads.

    Give your hedgehog his new sleeping bag to enjoy!

    If you like the way your completed hedge bag comes out, send a photo and we will post a few photos to give others inspiration