• Summer is here-is your hedgehog comfortable?

    The hedgehogs that are commonly kept as pets are from Africa. This means they require a consistent warm environment. This is much easier to do in the summer than in the winter in most places. but do be aware that hedgehogs can get too cool in the summer too. Air conditioning and fans should not be blowing directly on your hedgehog. You may still need supplemental heating if you keep your air conditioner below 75F. A thermometer in or near the cage will help you monitor the environment to make sure it isn't too warm or too cool.

    If your hedgehog gets too warm, they will splat out on their stomachs, sometimes outside of their hiding spot. If they do get too warm, you can put ice in a plastic bag, a cool soda or ice pack or a cool tile in their enclosure for them to lie on or near. Air movement in the room can help too. If you have a fan you can put it in the room but not blowing directly on the hedgehog. Close the blinds in the room if sun is coming in to keep it cooler during the day.

    If you have questions about keeping your hedgehog comfy, ask in the forums and our members can help