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Thread: See Our Breeder\'s List for a Breeder Near You!

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    See Our Breeder\'s List for a Breeder Near You!

    Hedgehog World has some of the top breeders in the hobby, so head on over to our breeder listing at get a hedgehog from a breeder you can trust.

    The breeders listed on the Hedgehog World breeders list are all experienced breeders that hold themselves to extremely high standards. How do we know this? Well, they are all personal friends that we trust.

    We visit each other's kennels, know each other's lines, and are willing to back up the quality of each other's hedgehogs. We know that every breeder on our list will give you the care information and time you deserve.

    You won't find this type of quality control on any other breeder listing out there. Most listings will list any hedgehog breeder who puts in a request, and it is true that you may find someone a little closer to you, but they do not offer the quality control that the Hedgehog World breeders list has to offer.

    ** Please note that any breeder with at least 10 posts may post in our 'Babies Available' forum, subject to the classified rules.!!!

    We can only back up the breeders in our Breeder\'s Listing , it is your job to question any breeder you choose.


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