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    What month would be better for a show, Sept or Oct? It looks like we have a gym to have it in, but they would rather we do it durring the school year. Also, we would have students to help with set up and take down, which would be really nice.

    I did want to do August, but the call of a free spot got the best of me. Plus later gives me more time to plan.

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    I think Oct would be a little easier since Sept is back to school for those of us with kids and getting into the \"swing of things\" for the new school year is kind of hectic.
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    There are 3 day weekends for Labor Day and Columbus Day-don\'t know if that would work better for people or not and if your gym and students would be available.

    October is typically worse for us, but whatever date you pick, we will do our best to get there
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    I will definitely try my best to attend. September is Back-To-School for everyone so its one of the busy times in retail. I already bought tickets for a weekend long concert Sept 14 & 15th. I also have my business trip to L.A. at the end of that month. September is totally booked solid for my weekends between work, business trip & that one concert.

    October is equally as busy with Halloween and being at Hot Topic...well you guys get it. Life gets kind of hectic after Sept for me & the store.

    Looking at a calender October would be best for me, if its early in the month, but I\'ll do my best to be there regardless.

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    Oct. looks better for me as well!

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    I would love to attend my first Hedgie show! Where would it be? Anywhere near Michigan I hope:whistle: ? And can we bring our own hedgies to participate in the activities?

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    It would be in Mass, but anyone who wants to come out is welcome.

    Kelly Sosik-Hamor
    Hamor Hollow Hedgehogs, a New Hampshire breeder
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    A real hedgie show? In Mass? Let me know when and where.
    Thanks guys!

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    what happens at a hedgie show?


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    Beginning of October would work for me- I\'m typically on vaca in Maine at the end of the month ( it\'ll be our 5 year wedding anniversary )

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