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Thread: Schöndorn of Terrapin.

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    Re:Schöndorn of Terrapin.

    Ges, VA wrote:
    yay! If my crazy work schedual allows it...

    *holds a sulking \'dorn on her lap*

    Stasi, he would like to let you know that telling me he might enjoy baths in baby-warm water OR any water for that matter took you off his Christmas-card list....
    Oh dear! \'dorn...I sincerely apologize. you come from a long line of hedgies who like the water - heck, your great uncle (or great great?) liked to float on his back in the bath..:woohoo:
    ....Of course, the operative word in what I told Ges is *may*.:silly:
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    Re:Schöndorn of Terrapin.

    An update from a month after.

    Schöndorn and I meet mostly in the evenings when I come home from work. Having a nocturnal pet is nice. I usually record The Simpsons during the day and the evening looks something like this: I come home, snuggle with hubby before he goes to bed. Then I get \'Dorn out, put him in his digging box.

    The digging box is a big container filled with carefresh-like small animal litter. (It\'s lighter then Carefresh, looks like small pressed paper balls.) And every evening he knows he can find a few dried meal worms hidden throughout the box.
    Also, he can do his \'morning poo\' if needed in the box. I usually pick it out and throw it away once he\'s finished to keep the digging box clean.

    After that, when he wants to ball up for sleep, I fish him out and keep him close while I watch some TV.

    He still hasn\'t warmed up much to me, I get jealous when I think about how Stasi could pick him up without much protest and how I have a huffy ball every time I try. :pinch:

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    Re:Schöndorn of Terrapin.

    Hmm...Ges, I am sorry to hear he\'s being a pill with you!

    It sounds like you\'re doing a great job with him anyway, even if he thinks he needs to explain how big and tough he is every time he comes out.

    I\'m up way to early for me, so my brain isn\'t caught up with me yet - I can go in to more detail and help you troubleshoot later - in the meantime, check out some of the threads on how to deal with a grumpy hedgehog - maybe something in there will work.
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    Re:Schöndorn of Terrapin.

    something that i\'ve found helps a lot is just petting him when he\'s huffy a lot. Basically, when i play with magellan, i wake him up by gently petting him, leaving every so often to put his wheel to soak, and set up his play pen. Sometimes to coax him up, i\'ll give him \"breakfast in bed\" which is where i grab a tiny bit of his kibble in my hand and bring it close to his head. eventually he smells the tasties and CHOMP and he\'s usually relatively awake after that. theeeen i pick him up and set him in his playpen, which is filled with assorted toys, which i rotate around. As he plays i follow him around, pick him up and let him explore on me or around me, and i pet him a lot. if he hisses and pops, i just keep petting him an talking to him until he calms down. Usually, as long as he\'s gotten a godo amount of rest during the day, he barely even hisses with me anymore unless his head is in a tube and he cant see who\'s touching him.

    the other thing is i almost always feed him mealies from my hand so he knows i\'m his friend =D idk if that might help more than simply sticking them in his dig box. although i bet a dig box IS a fun toy =D

    it takes a while, and i\'ve noticed changes in weather make magellan more grumpy too. he still doesnt really cuddlle with me perse, but we\'re getting there ^^

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    Re:Schöndorn of Terrapin.

    Well, I have different \"goodie foods\".
    Dried mealies are in the digging box. Dried crickets he gets when I come home and he#s on his wheel.
    Live mealies from from my palm. (I used to have rats, I got used to NEVER hold food anywhere but my palm with them. Rat bites go deep, bleed, hurt and I once got a lingering mycosis from it...)
    Live crickets are hunted once a week in the shower. (THAT is FUN! Food that flees and needs to be chased!)

    I found out different things that make him huff over the weeks.
    Holding him on his back while he is huffy, cute as it looks, will not calm him down. He needs to be picked up and then slowly turned. He will almost at once come out on his own from his ball.

    What I have not yet found out is how to make him not huff when he#s walking and I pick him up. I sadly need to have handled him quite a bit during his waking hours before he stops being grumpy.

    I had the vet check for external parasites as well, because he still loses a lot of quills. Every day when I clean up his playpen, I find at least 10 quills, the other night it was 16. (I count them, yes. I have a quill-glass :whistle: )

    I cut out on everything that might upset or scare him too much. He did not have a bath in 4 weeks, everything is done (under protest) with a wet toothbrush, foot baths at most.

    Maybe the problem is that he does not have a not of noise during the day. We do not have children, and both my hubby and I are quiet people by nature.

    Oh, and Stasi?
    Don\'t worry! I\'m sure it has nothing at all to do with your breeding or raising him. I still love him to bits and pieces. Even if he\'s a grumpy old man in his teens already

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    Re:Schöndorn of Terrapin.

    i dont know about the noise thing, my hedgie does not seem to be a fan of noise and it makes him even grumpier.

    it sounds like you feed him a lot of treats! i\'m always afraid of giving my hedgie too much so i dont make him fat or give him other diet problems. I\'m no expert of course i try to feed magellan maybe 4-5 mealies a week at most, do people think i could feed him more and still keep him healthy? i have yet to try any other types of treats, but i guess i would replace a mealie with a special treat when i do get around to boiling an egg or cooking some chicken

    it woudl seem to me that you\'re doing great with schondorn though, if huffing whne you pick him up is your biggest concern. it sounds like he gets to have a lot of fun with you!

    ooo and is your quill loss due to quilling maybe? then a bath might be a good idea, even if he may not seem to like it so much, especially if he\'s itching a lot. plus, quilling will make him grumpier than normal so just think what a sweetie pie he would be otherwise :woohoo:

    hehe i\'m waiting for it to get later in the day so i can play with magellan. its always one of the highlights of my day =D

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    Re:Schöndorn of Terrapin.

    Well, he gets mainly the dried insects. Fresh, juicy ones are in limited supply for him. Not that I think it\'s better, heh.
    The only other food he likes every 2 weeks is a bite of Banana. We tried different fruits, the soft banana is the only thing he will eat. As bananas are difficult to digest, a teaspoon is all he gets. And that spoon is CLEAN after he\'s done.
    Jogurt, not too much of a fan. I was wondering about rodent-jogurt-teats, but seeing how much fat is in these... (and while he\'s active, he\'s no rat when ti comes to climbing and running)

    Schöndorn is very much of a runner. I have almost given up on ever seeing him play. Tubes, balls, cat toys, ferret toys: They get pushed about by me cleaning the cage and else lie about untouched. But he LOVES his wheel. (Oh, I should post a picture of the wheel, it\'s deluxe ) He gets up, gets his cricket or two, drinks and goes jog. Gets off, munches a bit of kibble, drinks, goes back to jogging.

    Maybe in the end, this is what he is: A huffy little runner.

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    Re:Schöndorn of Terrapin.

    What I have not yet found out is how to make him not huff when he#s walking and I pick him up. I sadly need to have handled him quite a bit during his waking hours before he stops being grumpy.
    Check out this article on handling. There could be something you could do differently that will help a bit.
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    Re:Schöndorn of Terrapin.

    Thankies Ann.

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