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Thread: (western) Northern VA vet

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    (western) Northern VA vet

    Just wanted to drop a line for anyone in the western part of northern Virginia - if you\'re looking for a vet that sees hedgies - try Animal Medical Center in Stephens City. I was very pleased with Hufflepuff\'s check up today. (If you\'re in the real Northern VA area, it appears that there are a few options when finding a vet for hedgehogs, I just didn\'t want to drive all the way to Manassas or Alexandria.)

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    Re:(western) Northern VA vet

    There is one in Fairfax also.

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    Re:(western) Northern VA vet

    yea, i live near falls church, and i\'ve been told that there is one in fairfax called something like pender animal hospital. my friend used to work there and said that the entire top floor is just for exotic pets.

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    Re:(western) Northern VA vet

    My vet was at the Towne Animal Clinic ( ).

    The guy who checks in on my hedgie is Mr Bollenbeck who has a very good way around the Hedgie, never was scared to handle him and also has all the little tricks to try and keep hedgie cooperative

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    Re:(western) Northern VA vet

    Yes, the Pender group near Fair Oaks Mall has Eastern Exotics, which is an exotic animal vet practice. I take both of my hedgies there and they have hedgehog experience. I love the practice because they specialize in exotic animals and the vets are committed to this kind of practice. It is a nice facility and the vets are all very nice and skilled.

    In Vienna Virginia is the Stahl practice and they deal exclusively with exotics. They get high ratings, too, but they are not as close for me.


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    Re:(western) Northern VA vet

    I live in Arlington and take my hedgie to Stahl Exotic Animal Veterinary Services ( and love it. As Andrea mentioned, they specialize in exotics. I see Dr. Emily Hopman and I think she\'s wonderful. She has experience in hedgies and is both patient and thorough. When I had to give one of my hedgies oral meds, she called the next day to ask how things were going and to offer some tips. She was also with me when my first hedgie died and she was very sweet and compassionate.

    During exams, they\'ll first try to check out the hedgie without the use of any anesthesia. If the hedgie is difficult or huffy then they will use anesthesia. That being said, neither of my hedgies ever needed to be put under for a check up and Dr. Hopman clearly knows how to handle a hedgie.

    I also considered the Vet Clinic at Fair Oaks, but found SEAVS to be more reasonably priced for check-ups.

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