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Thread: *waves* Hi! LF hedgie

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    *waves* Hi! LF hedgie

    26 yr old female - who up until recently, was owned by a hedgie I took in from a friend, who got Ms.Hedge from someone else before that.
    Sadly she passed away, presumably at around 4-5 yrs old (guesstimation at this point).

    I was looking for anyone who might know of a hedgie looking to be rehomed - I tend to lean towards adoption/rescue with all my critters (big and small).

    Oh, and I\'m in Ottawa, ON

    Was glad to find the forum, and wish I could add current stories, but guess will have to wait.

    In that meantime, hello to all.

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    Re:*waves* Hi! LF hedgie

    Nancy from The Hedgie Den is up in Canada and I believe she\'s very involved in rescue. Hopefully she can chime in and help you out.

    You can also check for hedgies in your area.

    I am sorry to hear Ms. Hedgie passed away, I am sure she had a great life with you.

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    Re:*waves* Hi! LF hedgie

    Hello Callie!

    Good luck finding a rescue hedgie.

    PS... WE LOVE CANADA! The people are really warm and where else can you get french fries with gravy at McDonald\'s!!!:woohoo:
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    Re:*waves* Hi! LF hedgie

    I\'m jumping all over the place.

    Ok, so I was unable to find anyone with a hedgie that needed adopting/rescuing (I guess that\'s a good thing, for the hedgies not being homeless in this area)

    So I ended up getting an albino male. He\'s 10 wks I believe, but need to confirm his date of birth from the woman I got him from.

    I don\'t have a digi cam, so need to borrow one from mom, and then will post pics of him I promise

    My main problemnow is coming up with a name...I suck, as I\'m near to tapped out (we used to have a cat rescue, and now I\'m out of

    He\'s a nibbler, not sure if it\'s a teething thing or not, otherwise, quiet sociable and friendly (after he gets out of his ball). Very unlike my old girl!

    Hopefully will get pics up tomorrow!

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    Re:*waves* Hi! LF hedgie

    since he\'s a nibbler, how about Pacman (for how they gobbled up those dots). Just yesterday morning my niece and I were discussing names for the rehome we\'ll be getting and she had one that I thought would be a great name for an all white one (so much better than the usual snowflake)... I\'ll have to ask her what she remembers. If my dad were still alive I know what he\'d call an all white hedgie - D-R for Damm Rat (my dad had a very dry sense of humor but I loved his terms of endearment). I have a whole list of names for males - Sidekick, Buddy, but I personally prefer yummy names like Shortbread of Macaroon.

    now I remember my nieces suggestion: Cookie (taken from Cookie Dough). If I wasn\'t partial to Crinkle or Pinwheel for my next hedgie I\'d consider Cookie. Let a few roll of your tongue, something will fit!

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    Re:*waves* Hi! LF hedgie

    i always liked the name taro, or something like samir, or my friend suggested the cutest name, james polk. (hehe like poke...)

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    Re:*waves* Hi! LF hedgie

    I think that if I had an all white hedgie I would name it marshmellow. I think that name is cute and kinda original! :laugh:

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    Re:*waves* Hi! LF hedgie

    Kinda ironic when you thing about it. :laugh:
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    Re:*waves* Hi! LF hedgie

    I think if I were ever to get an albino I would name him Alfredo, I just always thought that was cute!!!


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