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    I guess this is my second introduction!

    I am Sarah, from Florida. Ive kept hedgehogs for 4 and a half years and been interested in them for longer then that. For the past year ive been doing a lot of breeding research, and just recently (The past 6 months or so) began as a small scale \'hobby\' breeder. I have hedgehogs from a few of the board posters here, and I also have my original hedgies who are pets. I am the founder and listmaster of the yahoo group FLHedgehog, an active group with around 50 members to discuss what else but hedgehogs in Florida

    My current website is, but im working on moving it to

    I encourage people to come visit and meet and learn about the hedgehogs and also have babies available on a limited basis.

    Melbourne, Florida

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    Hey I know YOU!!!! Sarah is pretty cool and her hoggery is nice with beautiful residents.

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    Lauren asked...sooo...*Test**

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    Melbourne, Florida

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