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Thread: Schöndorn needs the vet :(

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    Schöndorn needs the vet :(

    I just came home from work and found some flakes of CareFresh had soaked up something red. I hope he didn#t get himself a bladder infection. I had these chronically for 4 years as a teen and I would feel sooo sorry for him.

    First order of business is changing his litter, then checking if my clinic in Leesburg can receive me on a Saturday.

    Poor Hedgie.

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    Re:Schöndorn needs the vet :(

    Aww, poor lil guy! Let me know how things go Ges! Fingers and quills crossed here that it\'s nothing serious.
    Were the spots large or small? Does it look like he peed the red, or could it be from his feet from bleeding maybe, or something like that?
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    Re:Schöndorn needs the vet :(

    After I noticed the red carefresh flakes, I took him out and have him a (huffly) look-over. His paws were clean, he happily chewed up my sleeve (Mmm, Chanell No5) and I saw no blood there, so not his teeth or gums. His little tail seemed fine, I saw no surface wounds on his back.
    Not sure about his belly, he isn\'t a fan of letting me see it.

    His wheel, I noticed after cleaning the cage, also has red flecks on it in several different places.

    Too bad he is too comfortable with me, if he had piddled on me i had known for sure

    But I have had problems finding a vet near by to see me on the weekend. I\'ll need to wait till monday to take him in.

    I was wondering:
    If it IS his bladder, what would cause this? Drafts? Too cold? Not drinking enough?

    Edit- Oh, sorry:
    The spots seem large. I picked out several big, moist flakes of the carefresh. It doesn\'t look actual crimson-red. More water colour light red.

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    Re:Schöndorn needs the vet :(

    Ok - poor \'Dorn....getting to the vet on Monday is a good idea. It does sound like possibly a urinary tract, or bladder infection. In the meantime, maybe some cranberry juice added to his water would be helpful. As for causes, I think UTI causes are right up there with causes of sniffles/colds...
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    Re:Schöndorn needs the vet :(

    Heh. And here I thought Dornie was a grumpy lill hedgie with ME. He wouldn\'t let the vet handle him at all without being a ball of spikes. So I played nurse:

    His ears are a bit dry. He asked me to pick up giving him a bit of oil on his neck again. He is also quilling (Guess that won\'t ever stop, eh?) and he pointed out a good dozen new quills on Dorns\' back to me.

    No mites, good teeth and gum, footzies are fine, I got told I take good care of his nails.

    But after inspecting the pinkish carefresh flakes I brought in, he said he would agree with me that it\'s the urinary tract.

    Now, the magic questions...
    Hpw do I get 1cc of Amoxicelin into my hedgie? :pinch:
    Can you think of any softish treat I could offer him once a day to get his meds in? Else I#ll need to use a small syringe and somehow I doubt he\'d be too thrilled.

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    Re:Schöndorn needs the vet :(

    Some people inject the meds into mealworms but it doesn\'t always fool them

    The easiest thing is put the syringe in the corner of the mouth to make them open up, squirt it in and hold them until they swallow. If you only have to do it once a day figure out a time when you are wide awake and hedgehog is sort of groggy from sleep and it may work better.

    Hope he\'s better soon!
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    Re:Schöndorn needs the vet :(

    Can\'t add much on Ann\'s advice. Good luck, and feel free to holler if you need more tips/help/venting board/etc.
    \'Dorn - be a good boy for your mom!!
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    Re:Schöndorn needs the vet :(

    Well, with a doggies, this would have worked better... Schöndorn of course, in proud Hedgie tradition, used the new, odd-tasting stuff to self-anoint. :pinch:

    Ah well. I think he swallowed some and I won#t try to give him more, I don#t want to over-medicate him.

    I ended up having him roll in a ball and appealed to his sense of cleanlyness: I squirted the penecelin on his tail. He licked it up at once, but used a portion of it to dye himself pink. :whistle:

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    Re:Schöndorn needs the vet :(

    Day two: Looks like he decided it dosn#t taste all that bad. Today he greedily licked up the penecelin before I even dripped it. Good boy.

    And he had two mealies and is now krunching down on some kibble.

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