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    Classifieds Rules

    The staff here at reserve the right to remove any classifieds posts that we feel are inappropriate, dangerous, or otherwise not desirable.
    Grounds for removal can include illegal locations, products or merchandise not safe for hedgehogs, fraudulent classifieds, or anything else that the staff feels necessary.
    When possible, removal or refusal of a classified will be accompanied by an explanation of why your post was refused.
    Repeated attempts to post similar messages after removal of a post may result in rejection of your membership to this forum.
    Hedgehogworld tries to provide a safe, educational place for the hedgehog community to learn and discuss their pets, and will do what we feel necessary to protect that purpose.

    6) Do not join this forum simply for the purpose of posting ads. Our active and participating members are welcome to post ads for their hedgehog related goods, services, events, etc. Members who are not active except for posting of ads will not be tolerated, please participate in the forums and get to know us first.

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    Re:Classifieds Rules

    Unlike the rest of the forum, the classifieds are moderated which means they do not get posted immediately, they have to be approved. Only post your ad once and it will be approved as soon as possible if it complies with the forum criteria.
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    I have a question, I was wondering if I could post a wanted ad for a future hedgehog that I am hoping to adopt, so people (breeders) could be aware of my location and time frame and hopefully get something coordinated. If you think I should wait this is fine too.

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    I would recommend waiting until you are home and settled, and then check out what is available in your area at that time.

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    I won't speak for other breeders, but here are my personal feelings:

    I don't like the word 'adopt' because I don't know what you mean. Are you wanting to purchase a baby, or are you looking to take in a rescue. Unfortunately the word can mean either, and it is best to clarify your intentions.

    I get a lot of emails and I have a lot of things to keep track of. What I ask people to do is to go to my website and fill out my questionnaire. It doesn't matter if you fill it out now or you fill it out later, but you aren't getting a hedgehog from me unless you fill it out. Once you do that, I send you an email with care info and I let you know if babies are immediately available. If you are not ready for one, that is fine, but it is your job to contact me and let me know when you are ready. I just can't keep track of everyone, and a lot of people lose interest or change their mind (and i don't want to spam someone).

    So, what I would recommend for you to do is web search the area that you are planning to move into and find the closest breeders. Due your due diligence and check them out. Make sure they know what they are talking about, I recommend looking for a USDA licensed breeder (and feel free to ask for proof since I know of at least one breeder who claims to be licensed and is lying). You can ask the breeder for recommendations or go on forums and ask about the breeder. Fill out a questionnaire, attend an open house if they are offered. Then, when you are settled in and ready, email the breeder and ask if/ when babies are available.

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