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Thread: Schöndorn is getting picky. :(

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    Schöndorn is getting picky. :(

    Hey Stasi and other Terrapinists.

    I am starting to be a bit confused about Mr \'Dorn.

    While he does not seem ill or in need of immediate help, he starts to be oddly picky about his food. He still nibbles the kibble you gave me, Stasi, so it\'s nothing new to him. His cage did not change places, it\'s not too cold here he is at ... everything seems normal.
    Pooping works, peeing works and there is no blood in sight. (Did I mention I love Carefresh?)
    The wheel squeaks all night long while he\'s out for a jog.
    He\'s huff and grumpy when I handle him, then again he never really seemed to have warmed up to the idea of me juggling him. (It takes about 5-15 minutes before I can actually pet and snuggle him and even then he will huff up if I make a sudden move. Silly Hedgie!)

    So, overall, he seems pretty normal to me.
    Except... He is starting to have odd eating habits.
    He started eating a LOT less (as I described on the General Nurtition boards), from 3ish table spoons of food to 1ish spoon.
    He refuses the fruit or veggies he used to gobble up.
    I even have problems getting him interesting in mealies.
    The crickets, which he loved to hunt in the shower rejoyce, as he fully ignores them.

    Suggestions I had so far included that he is no longer a \'teen\' and as such stopped eating as much.
    Also suggested was trying to hibernate.

    I just thought I ask here once more as well, seeing this is his family. :blush:
    Any ideas or suggestions would be great.

    I stand by to take him to the vest, though as it is right now, I doubt he can find much. I see nothing really wrong with him. Just the sudden lack of appetite.

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    Re:Schöndorn is getting picky. :(

    Hi Ges, it could be a combination of things - him getting older makes sense for a decrease in appetite. Also, this time of year can cause them to get a bit flaky with their eating habits. As long as he\'s eating some/drinking/wheeling/eliminating normally, I wouldn\'t worry about it. Keep trying the treats now and again, he\'ll probably enjoy them again in the future.
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