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Thread: N.J Breeders

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    Re:N.J Breeders

    Yes, i just need to find out when i am free and im also not sure how to make an appointment.

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    Re:N.J Breeders

    im really not good with computers:unsure:

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    Re:N.J Breeders

    There is Stasi\'s website. You need to read it and fill out the questionnaire. We breeders breed out of our homes, so it is important to make an appointment in advance and then show up on time for it.

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    Re:N.J Breeders

    All right, sounds good.

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    Re:N.J Breeders

    What kind of cat food should i be using (dry wet, brand)

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    Re:N.J Breeders

    Also please try the Feeding and Nutrition postings. It\'s a wonderful informative resource.

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    Re:N.J Breeders

    I was the only NJ breeder i knew of, Hedgeboken hedgehogs. I am now in MA but i am back in Jersey on occasion and I would be willing to bring hedgehogs to a central location for pick up.
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