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Thread: closet breeder

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    closet breeder

    Living in NJ I was wondering if anyone knew the \"closes\" breeder in NJ if any or the nearset state?

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    Re:closet breeder

    I think that the closest breeders to you would be in Massachusetts, New Hampshire or Connecticut. Here is a link to the hedgehog breeders:,51/

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    Re:closet breeder

    There are no legit breeders in NJ that I know of. You will either have to head north to CT and NH or South to Maryland.

    Kelly Sosik-Hamor
    Hamor Hollow Hedgehogs, a New Hampshire breeder
    Do you want to buy a baby Hedgehog? Ask me if they are available |
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    Re:closet breeder

    thank you for the info very much!

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