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Thread: Bigger Better Hedgehog Fest?

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    Re:Bigger Better Hedgehog Fest?

    Yes, it\'s very informal. It was mentioned before, if you can stand/sit at the table and hold your hedgehog - you can show!

    It really is great fun, and even if you don\'t have a hedgehog, it\'s fun to go and watch. Especially the games!
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    Re:Bigger Better Hedgehog Fest?

    You guys have all convinced me to enter Tweetle in too! I know that this is just about the fun and stuff, but is there anything special that you should do to maybe prepare your hedgie a little more? Thanks!!


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    Re:Bigger Better Hedgehog Fest?

    I think the guidelines are on the hedgehog fest website, but basically you want a well groomed hedgehog. Bathe your hedgie the night before or the morning of the show, nail should be trimmed a day or two before the show, and if your hedgie has dry ears, start rubbing them with bag balm to get them nice and pretty! Also if your hedgie is a bit on the portly side, a diet and exercise program should be started (not just for the show - but for the health and well-being of your hhog). The ideal hedgie has a great temperament (keeps the quills flat for the judge to see the shape, form, and flow of the hedgie), a short nose and ears not too large, body should be teardrop shaped, not too round, and not too thin. Healthy and well groomed. I think that may be it...I\'m sure I\'ve forgotten something so someone else can chime in and correct anything. This is what I got from the show anyways!

    Now just because you may have a chubby round hedgie or a thin \"runner\" hedgie, doesn\'t mean you shouldn\'t show. You will still learn a lot about the positive attributes of your hedgie and it\'s just plain fun. I brought some round, grumpy guys, and while they didn\'t win first place, it was still a lot of fun!
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    Re:Bigger Better Hedgehog Fest?

    HappyHedgie8 wrote:
    You guys have all convinced me to enter Tweetle in too! I know that this is just about the fun and stuff, but is there anything special that you should do to maybe prepare your hedgie a little more? Thanks!!

    You can practice for the games too. Have Tweedle practice running in an exercise ball. Remember that the ball needs to be guinea pig size for comfort.

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    Re:Bigger Better Hedgehog Fest?

    Thank you Nicole for that great summary of information. In thinking about my hedgie, it is hard for me to gauge if my hedgie is a healthy weight or maybe a bit too thin due to being overactive. It depends on how he is sitting or moving. Sometimes he looks like a tear drop and then sometimes he looks thinner and more fragile to me, depending on what he is doing. He eats really well and I do give him treats so it is not due to a lack of food. With me, when he is in his blankie, he is relaxed and lets me pet him without much fuss or forehead quills. I dont know what he will do in a strange environment, though.

    This fest sounds like a lot of fun.


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    Re:Bigger Better Hedgehog Fest?

    Many hedgehogs will be a bit more shy with all the new sounds and smells. Some seem to do the opposite and come out of their \"shells\" a little more.
    So you have to just try it and see how it goes!
    About the shape, you don\'t have to know what shape your hedgie is, that\'s the judges job! If you look in the articles one talks about healthy weight for your hedgies.
    That should help you guage if your hedgie needs a diet or not!
    Sounds like yours is pretty good though!
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    Re:Bigger Better Hedgehog Fest?

    Kelly we can\'t wait for another hedgie show!

    Carlo, Ava and I will be there but we will not be participating in the games again... Unless that yellow ribbon for most times peeing in your Super Ball will be awarded this time
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    Re:Bigger Better Hedgehog Fest?

    Uhm, will there be t-shirts at the Hogfest again? I would like to get one that fits a bit better, lol. How about sweatshirts?

    Also, what is the starting/ending time? Same as in May?

    So many questions...

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    Re:Bigger Better Hedgehog Fest?

    Is the hedge fest on Oct. 25th? How do we register?

    Thanks for the update....


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    Re:Bigger Better Hedgehog Fest?

    Kelly\'s been a bit distracted as of late, but the Hedgehogfest is still a go! for October 25th from 10am to 4pm. She doesn\'t have the registration changed yet, but you can find the info for the show, location, etc at
    I\'m 99% sure I\'ll be there, and hope to see many of you there!!!!:woohoo:
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