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    Is their anyone from here or texas? Does anyone know of any hedgehog shows here?

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    Yes I live near Dallas, Texas. But sorry - I don\'t know of any shows.

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    I didnt know hedgehogs uld have shows... do yall know of anywhere close to abilene or san antonio that i can get a couple of really good hedgehogs??? i visit abilene cuz thats where my family is and i live near san antonio...

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    I live in east texas. closest show is in Kansas or Missouri I think.

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    i haven\'t heard of any shows in texas. i\'m from san antonio and the only place i know of that sells hedgehogs is alamo aquatics. but i can\'t vouch for how \"good\" they are. although the family i adopted mine from got her from there, and she\'s friendly and healthy. so it\'s worth a look into.
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