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Thread: Breeder near Idaho

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    Breeder near Idaho

    My little guy died last night and the breeder he was from is no longer going to do it and none of the other breeders in Idaho ever responded so I don\'t think they are doing it anymore. I was planning on getting a second one a while ago not for breeding but to experience a baby since now that I think about it all the pets I\'ve had really haven\'t been babies when I got them. I seem to be more of a rescue person.

    I am willing to go to Washington, Oregon or any other states around that might have them if it isn\'t more than a 6-8 hr drive. I do have family in Washington so I could stay the night there if I had to.

    Of course my last option would be to have one shipped and I\'m still not sure of all the places that will.

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    Re:Breeder near Idaho

    Oh I\'m so sorry for your loss

    Are you talking about the breeder in Nampa ID or Marsing ID? Because when I was looking for a hedgie, none of them replied to my e-mails...:huh: :dry: :S

    Turned out that I bought Buttercup from a local woman that I know who didn\'t have time for her instead of a breeder.

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    Re:Breeder near Idaho

    I am SO sorry to hear about your hedgie! if you end up shipping one in I would recommend HedgeHog Valley in Iola KS she\'s wonderful.
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