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Thread: prehistoric hedgehog toy

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    Re:prehistoric hedgehog toy

    it looks like a hippopig mix lol. how is it a hedgie?????

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    Re:prehistoric hedgehog toy

    it does look like a hippo & piggie mix!!!
    But it was the stone age, what can you expect? :huh:

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    Re:prehistoric hedgehog toy

    Ok so I\'ve given this some thought... Yes I know I have no life. Stop laughing.

    Maybe there weren\'t a lot of pigs or wild boars in England at this time? We\'ve ruled out Hippos . Maybe the closest thing there were a lot of that mildly resembles the toy is the ancestor of the European Hedgehog?... Deep thoughts by Jack Handy
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    Re:prehistoric hedgehog toy

    i dont know about you guys but dat looks like a hunk of rock that was shaped by nature...:S :huh:

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    Doesn't look very hedgehog-ish to me, either, but maybe the details have eroded away. And maybe they are identifying the toy as a hedgehog based on the fact that there WERE hedgehogs around back then (fossils suggest hedgehog-like creatures were alive 15 million years ago! That is an OLD mammal!!!). Interesting.
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