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    Hello from Michigan, I am a recent owner of a female hedgie. Anybody from this part of the world in this forum? I currently reside in Ypsilanti. Does anyone know about a pet show close by. I have gone to the Reptile Show down in Taylor and they sometimes bring hedgies, plus bearded dragons which are my other babies.

    Best wishes to all, W

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    Glad to have some other Midwesterners visiting the regional forum. I am from Missouri, but I think we have some other members from teh northern part of the midwest, hopefully they will pop up.

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    Hello Michigan! I am from Ypsilanti too. I am posting in March 2006, and hope you see this.

    I am new mom to baby hedgie Oliver. He\'s a sweetie from the get-go.

    Would love to connect with you, since we\'re \"neighbors\". We live across Ford Lake, in the Lincoln Consolidated Schools area.

    Hope you can get in touch---just write back to the Midwest Forum!!!


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    Hey I\'m from Indiana and have owned my male hedghog(Knuckles) for a year now. It\'s good to hear there are a few peoplw from the midwest that have hogs too. Anyone out there close by write me and we\'ll chat.

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    What part of Indiana are you in? I live in Crystal Lake Illinois. What color of hedgehog(s) do you have?

    Kelly B.
    The Critter Shack

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    I live in Franklin Indiana, its a town not to far from Indianapolis.I\'m pretty sure hes a salt and pepper but he does have one really small all white spot.

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    I\'ll keep you in mind. I have:

    1 Champagne Female
    1 Salt & Pepper Male
    2 Salt & Pepper Females
    1 Pinto Female
    and 5 babies!

    Kelly B.
    The Critter Shack

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    I am from the Mid-Michigan area, and just recently adopted my baby hedgie Cotton from an Illinois breeder. Good to see other Michiganders in here!

    Even if I am... A few years late ^_^ hehe

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    I\'m from Ohio, does that count nice to see some other people from the general \"area\" online
    well after 3 long years I am back! And with not just 1, but 3 hedgies!
    Still miss you Emma, you were the best first hedgie anyone could have!

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