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Thread: What a nice Hedgehog event!

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    What a nice Hedgehog event!

    I just got back from Hedgehog Fest a little while ago. What a nice time. Everyone was so nice and I have never seen so many hedgehogs! I got a hedgehog bag and a great ornament!

    I regret not bringing Shelby along to participate. I did learn the difference between overweight and normal sized hedgies. I need to start regulating Shelby\'s food intake before she gets fat.

    Thanks to all who organized the Fest!

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    What a nice Hedgehog event!

    Did you take any pics?:woohoo:

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    Re:What a nice Hedgehog event!

    I\'m sorry but I didnt. I did see several peeps with cameras tho so am hoping someone will post them somewhere.

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    Re:What a nice Hedgehog event!

    Hedgehog Fest was a blast! Dingo and I had so much fun, he even took home two ribbons and I came back with a nice basket full of hedgie goodies!
    It was a really long drive but, it was totally worth it! I will definitely be going back next year!
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    Re:What a nice Hedgehog event!

    Sounds fun, what was the turn out of humans like? Are there lots of hedgie folk up that way?

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    Re:What a nice Hedgehog event!

    Thank you for your kind words and praise. I worked really hard to make Hedgehog Fest such a huge success, but I never could have done it without Val from Ferrets of New England and the advisors and students of the Essex Aggie High School.

    We had a huge turn out, and I\'m estimating there were nearly 60 hedgehogs that showed (I have to check my door totals because there may be more). We had a nice turn out of hedgehog enthusiasts and general people just interested in having some fun.

    The kids\' crafts and petting zoo were a big hit and everyone enjoyed watching and competing in the Hedgehog Games. A huge \"Thank You\" goes out to our judge, Tig from Hedgehog Valley, who flew out to join us and did a spectacular job judging our hedgehogs. The Jr. Handler class was fun to watch and all the participants had a great time. Elana, of Patriot Pogs, had a tough time judging because our handlers are really good!

    We even had a Halloween Costume Contest, and it was a bigger hit then I could have ever imagined! Our tables were crowded with hedgehogs in some really creative costumes.

    We even had vendor tables with all sorts of hedgehog information, supplies, and crafts.

    Pictures will go online soon, and I will be sure to post a link.

    If you missed this year\'s event, don\'t worry because you have a whole year to prepare and clear your schedule for Hedgehog Fest III. We are coming back to you in early Oct, so keep your eyes on for the date and more information. Our event will be held at the Essex Aggie High School in Walpole, MA again, and you can look foreword to the same fun events and maybe a few new things.

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