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Thread: Classifieds Rules

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    Classifieds Rules

    The staff here at reserve the right to remove any classifieds posts that we feel are inappropriate, dangerous, or otherwise not desirable.
    Grounds for removal can include illegal locations, products or merchandise not safe for hedgehogs, fraudulent classifieds, or anything else that the staff feels necessary.
    When possible, removal or refusal of a classified will be accompanied by an explanation of why your post was refused.
    Repeated attempts to post similar messages after removal of a post may result in rejection of your membership to this forum.
    Hedgehogworld tries to provide a safe, educational place for the hedgehog community to learn and discuss their pets, and will do what we feel necessary to protect that purpose.

    6) Do not join this forum simply for the purpose of posting ads. Our active and participating members are welcome to post ads for their hedgehog related goods, services, events, etc. Members who are not active except for posting of ads will not be tolerated, please participate in the forums and get to know us first.
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