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    Re:silly question

    What have you noticed that you think it may be a problem?

    fionac wrote:
    Hope you don\'t mind me renewing this thread, but I have recently posted about my hedgie\'s problem of trapped wind, and wondered if anyone on this thread had any further news on how you tell if a hedgehog has passed gas (as it were). I\'m worried about my hedgie, and was advised, by the vet, to give him infacol, which should bring up his wind apparently, but he still seems to be having problems and I have no idea how I\'m supposed to tell if it\'s working, as I have no idea what his passing gas would look like. Anyway, if anyone on this thread has discovered any more on this subject I\'d really appreciate any advice.

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    Re:silly question

    I think this is what she\'s talking about.
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    Re:silly question

    Hi, sorry, I haven\'t checked this thread for a while. Yes, that\'s the original thread about his problems. He seems to be doing much better now. Now and then he does the stretch and open mouth\'tongue out thing, but often just after I get him up, so wonder if that is just as he wakes up and stretches. He hasn\'t done it more than once though, and I haven\'t caught him hunched up and \'umph\' ing since. Also he\'s generally quite active once he wakes up now, so fingers crossed he\'s back to himself again. =)

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    Re:silly question, another question

    Not sure which thread to fit these into, so hoped no-one would mind me adding these to the end of this one.
    My hedgie seems to have a problem with bedding, and I wondered if he is allergic ot sensitive to the material maybe and that is the problem.
    Basically, I used to put recycled paper shreds, and had checked they were ok for him, in his hedgie bag, and he took to carrying the paper out and ditching it outside his igloo. I also bought a fleece lined snug bag for him to sleep in and he has spent the last few weeks tearing and digging the fleece off the inside and dumping that outside the igloo. He also has a habit of digging and chewing my clothes if he crawls under a jumper I\'m wearing, and though I try loudly and firmly saying no to get him to associate it with something umpleasant and to stop, he just stares up at me, mouth full of material, like he\'s thinking \'what do you want now, woman?!\'. He\'s definitely cheeky. =)
    I have also noticed he is still losing spines, and does seem to scratch a bit. I often hear at night, when he\'s awake, the sound of his banging as he scratches and his foot hits the floor. I don\'t think he could have mites, though am willing to look into that, as I had him checked at the vet over the trapped wind, and he hasn\'t been in contact with any other animal since then, and I always wash my hands before and after holding him. Of course, I know things can happen no matter how many precautions you take.
    He doesn\'t seem to have dry or red skin.
    I was told by the pet shop that he was 12 weeks when I bought him, which would make him about 18 weeks now. I had read that they quill between 8-12 weeks and at 1 year, so had thought his quilling would have ceased for the moment, but he still seems to be losing them, sometimes between 3 and 6 at a time (when he\'s running around outside of his cage of a night). He seems pretty happy generally, and though I did have to cut his nails the other day, and suspect he was not overly happy about that, otherwise he usually seems pretty contented.
    So I\'m not sure if the fleece and paper irritate him, and his skin is just sensitive, and that\'s why he\'s digging it out, or if he\'s just beign a typical hedgie and doing what hedgies do, changing things around to suit himself. I\'ve changed his hedgie bags for a thinner fleece, hoping it won\'t be too irritable for him. When I wash them it is only in hot water, as I was worried about using any washing powders on his bedding.
    Anyway, if anyone has any advice on that I\'d be really grateful. I hope it\'s just that he\'s being a typical hedgie, but thought it best to check with you all, as if it\'s not that then I suspect I\'ll need to be very careful about what I use for his bedding.
    Thanks loads again, in advance.

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    Re:silly question, another question

    I would treat him with Revolution for mites. - Just in case. Additionally, the bedding issue sounds like he\'s just burrowing around, not that it\'s causing him irritation - as you\'d see red flaky skin from an allergic reaction.
    How deep is the recycled paper? Many hedgies LOVE to burrow and bury themselves. Perhaps it\'s bothering him that he cannot do that?
    Otherwise, sounds like normal hedgie.
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    Re:silly question

    Ahh, thanks for this, I really appreciate it.
    I\'ll look for Revolution. Not sure if they have it under that name here in the UK, but hopefully I\'ll find it here. As long as it wouldn\'t hurt even if he didn\'t have mites, but would help if he did it\'ll be a great help to rule that out.
    Glad to hear the digging and chewing is normal. I only try to tell him off when he bites through my clothes into me, but I know he doesn\'t mean it, and he\'s just arranging things, but as long as he isn\'t uncomfortable then that\'s a load off my mind. I can\'t see red flaky skin on him, so I\'m happy to hear he\'s just doing what hedgies do. =)
    To be honest I put a couple of handfuls of the recycled paper in originally, and found he just turfed them out, so when I started worrying about it I tried just leaving him in the thicker fleece hedgie bag without paper, but when I change it for the thinner bag, while I\'m washing the other, I put a couple of handfuls of the paper in again to keep him warm. I\'ll certainly continue to put it in to both now though, thanks for your advice. He did look rather happy when I got him out earlier and he was still snuggled up in his hedgie bag buried in the paper, but could stick his nose out to nuzzle me a bit before pulling it back in to snuggle up again.
    I feel rather cruel that I\'d deprived him of that through worrying, so I really appreciate your advice and glad to be back on track with taking proper care of my hedgie.
    Thanks loads again, and again I\'m really grateful to have this site to ask these questions.

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    to re-renew the silly question about farting and hedgies. Winston did something funny yesterday, and I managed not to laugh at him. I was giving him a foot bath, and he was hating it as usual. I guess he got a little pooped from trying to climb out, he sat down in the water and I heard a funny sound. Winston blew bubbles in the water, and not with his mouth. It was really funny, wish I had the camera on to record it, but you just never know when something is going to happen.
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    Once my ex was holding a hedgie in his hand, butt in the palm of the hand, and the hedgie farted so loud that I heard it... he said it vibrated against his hand. I still giggle when I think about that!

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