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Thread: Newbie from Vancouver - looking for breeder

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    Newbie from Vancouver - looking for breeder

    Hello, everyone My hamster died of old age a few weeks ago and I\'ve been thinking of adopting another pet. I never even thought of hedgehogs until someone posted an ad needing a home for theirs. The poster turned out to not be serious, but the research I did before I decided to take on this pet made me see how great these little guys are.
    I\'d really love a hedgehog and I\'m looking for either a reputable local breeder (Vancouver) or for a hedgehog who needs a new home.

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    Re:Newbie from Vancouver - looking for breeder

    I don\'t know about breeders, but I think there\'s some hedgies in your area on Petfinder :
    Timmy (M, neutered) and Smokey (F, spayed) the Maine Coon and something else rescue cats.
    Aureus (M) the goldfish.
    Raeka and Reyna (both female) my hedgies!
    Mystique (unknown, called she) the house centipede.
    4 Minnows and some crickets.
    R.I.P. Briar, Pepper, Roslin, and Aragorn.

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    Re:Newbie from Vancouver - looking for breeder

    Hi, I live in Langley and just thought I would post the three breeders I managed to find in the Vancouver area. I personaly am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my first hedgehog from Planet Hedgehog in about a month

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