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Thread: *stopping by* Hey guys

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    *stopping by* Hey guys

    I thought if I have time to ask a health question, I have time to say hi.

    Since I brought my Hedgie in my life things were somewhat chaotic.

    Husband dumps me for a blonde. Struggled with that for a year before I left despair valley.
    Wednesday my company lays off half theis staff.. (I may have a few jobs lined up... in California... )

    Either ways.

    *holds up Schöndorn* Hello to all Stasi-Hedgies from the grumpy lill bugger here.

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    Re:*stopping by* Hey guys

    Hello! It\'s good to see you poke your head up here Keep your chin up, things will work out. hugs, Stasi
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    Re:*stopping by* Hey guys

    Hi! I am sorry for your latest difficulties. Hopefully things will look up for you really soon.


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    Re:*stopping by* Hey guys

    *hugs Stasi* My grumpy lill man keeps me company.

    I need to put up a new load of pictures on Facebook sometime. He\'s of course a big young man now... but he still finds new ways to anoint himself :pinch:

    Today I had a marvelous idea on how to better secure the drinking bottle on his transport box.
    I made a \'basket\' from layers of Gorilla Tape (a sturdy kind of thick duct tape) and found to my delight that the bottle can nicely rest in the contraption I whipped up. Hedgie went into the box after his bath and after some grumping found that something smelled different.

    He started to lock the bits of tape he could reach to anoint himself. *sigh*
    Oh well. At least he won\'t end up hot pink this time.

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