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Thread: Cake Walk Supreme?

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    Cake Walk Supreme?

    Does anyone here use the cake walk supreme wheel? I\'m trying to decide if i should buy it or not, its pretty expensive (since i\'d have to ship it to canada) but its supposed to be quiet and easy to clean so i was hoping you guys might have some input... is it worth getting or should i just get a bucket wheel?

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    Re:Cake Walk Supreme?

    OOOHHH... sounds promising... I\'ve never seen this wheel before so cannot vouch for it. BUT it does look good!
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    Re:Cake Walk Supreme?

    If you\'ve got the 40 bucks plus shipping, I say go for it & give a full report here on the forum.

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    Re:Cake Walk Supreme?

    I have just sent them an e-mail to see if they would like to either donate a couple to the show or offer us a discount on some for the show. Will let you know what I hear back.
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    Re:Cake Walk Supreme?

    If it matters to you, \'Hog Wallow Industries\' is run by Reaper, one of the admins over at

    Personally, I\'m slightly skeptical of the non-stick running surface. I kinda wonder if that gives hedgehogs proper traction under their feet. Could be like trying to run around a basketball court in your socks.
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    Re:Cake Walk Supreme?

    Or you could get a bucket wheel . I know mommyto3kiddos makes them. There\'s also an article on how to make a bucket wheel under the DIY section. I think mommyto3kiddos sells them for about 30$. From what I\'ve heard, they\'re high qaulity, durable, and quiet.
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    Re:Cake Walk Supreme?

    I have one of mommyto3kiddo\'s wheels (Tina) and it\'s great. Quiet and very well made.
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    Re:Cake Walk Supreme?

    The advantage to the Cakewalk is for larger hogs. Bucket wheels work just fine for most. But if you happen to have a big boy or girl in a bucket wheel, they end up running sway-backed... ie, like a banana turned the wrong way. The Cakewalk\'s diameter is larger than that of a bucket, so the larger hog no longer needs to run swaybacked.

    I would definitely recommend this wheel (or a custom spool wheel made by Vern at HHC) if you happen to have a long hedgie. Otherwise, a regular bucket wheel will do just fine.
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    Re:Cake Walk Supreme?

    I personally have the CWS and feel that it is the best wheel on the market. It is easy to clean, completely silent, adjustable pitch and very smooth running motion.

    And since you want to make things political, I will also say that I feel that Bryan and Reaper are two of the most knowledgeable people in North America on the subject of African Pygmy Hedgehogs. It just seems to me that you want to try to denounce this fine product simply because of some petty politics. Is that really what is in the best interest of Hedgehogs?

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    Re:Cake Walk Supreme?

    Er, who exactly is making things political here? :huh:
    You can lead a hedgehog to prune juice, but you can’t make him drink it.
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