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    South Dakota Here

    Hi everyone!
    I am a new hedgie owner! It\'s been interesting, but it already starting to pay off!:laugh: Ernie is a 3 month old male and he is adapting quite well. The only odd thing that I have noticed him doing is itching himself....he only does it when he is out of his cage and in his plastic ball??? Just wondering if you have any ideas? It\'s not an excessive itch, but it is probably the one thing that I have not read about on the many websites I have researched. I\'m looking forward to using this website and just wanted to let you know that I also am representing the MidWest! Go South Dakota!!:silly:

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    Re:South Dakota Here

    Welcome Kristin! The occasional itch is nothing to worry about. Often, this is the hedgehog\'s version of our stretches and brushing our hair back. Glad to see another midwesterner in the area!

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    Re:South Dakota Here

    Welcome to the world of hedgehogs and thier owners! I would\'nt worry about it my hedgie does the same thing, the only problem would be if he is scratching a lot in one place.
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