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Thread: Hello Canadians

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    Hello Canadians

    I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Originally from Sydney. I\'ve been on this site for a couple of weeks and have never made it this far down the page. There is so much information to get through. We couldn\'t have done it without this site.

    We bought Reiko almost a month ago. We were told it was an eight week old male. Turned out to be a twelve week (approx) old pregnant female. With the direction from Kelly and Becca and many other contributors, we are doing well but missing our Reiko.

    She\'s got work to do as a mother and we are anxiously awaiting the time when we can play with them all.


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    Re:Hello Canadians

    Awww, congrats on your hedgie\'s babies! :cheer: I live in Ontario Canada as well, from Ottawa area. My hedgehog, Willow recently had her babies, on January 23, 2010. They are now 2 months old and doing fine! It\'s funny how they thought that it was a boy, though instead it was a pregnant female! :laugh: When I got Willow I was told that she was a boy too and when she was brought home for the first time and I managed to flip her over, I saw that she was actually a girl! Shouldn\'t the people selling it to you know that difference between the genders? It\'s not that hard to miss. ~sigh~ Oh well. Hope your hedgie is a great mommy and that her babies grow up nice and healthy!

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