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Thread: Howdy from Colorado!

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    Howdy from Colorado!

    I\'m just saying hi! I live close to Denver in Colorado and have had hedgehogs for about 8 or 9 years now (lost count! 0-o) Over the years we\'ve had 13 diffrent hedgehogs stay with us at one time or another, some found homes and some were rescues that needed a little more TLC in their old age. Currently we have two lovely hedgehogs, Gidgit and Gilligan. Soon enough though we shall have three! A pretty little pinto boy will be coming home here this Thanksgiving! It\'s very exciting for all of us

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    Re:Howdy from Colorado!

    Awww congrates on the new pinto. I adore the pintos and have three very nicely marked youngens that hopefully will give me some sweet babies. I totally understand about the some rescues needing a little extra TLC I\'ve got three that are convince people are evil and that they should pop and click at them. They are calming down now and my sister is absolutely wonderful with getting them to come out of their shells.

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    Re:Howdy from Colorado!

    We don\'t have any rescues at the feels almost empty with just two hedgies. I\'m used to having a couple generations around even if some of them were grumpy. Hopefully with the new boy and (if all goes well) Gidgit\'s babies will liven things up a bit.

    I can\'t resist posting pictures...just like I can\'t resist taking them!

    [img size=200][/img]
    ^ Gidgit playing in the pumpkin-plushy trick or treat bag

    [img size=200][/img]
    ^ And a picture of Gilligan (I think it\'s cute because he is the fluffiest hedgie I\'ve ever seen! :laugh: )

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    Re:Howdy from Colorado!

    Those are some cute pictures, I\'m a sucker for breaking out the camera and taking randm pics. I\'ve got some hedgies that really love to ham it up for the camera

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    Re:Howdy from Colorado!

    Gidgit seems to be one of those! However Feirefiz isn\' least yet. But here is a picture of him I managed to snap.

    [img size=455][/img]

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    Re:Howdy from Colorado!

    Aww!!! Too cute!!! :-) Thanks for sharing!


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    Hi there.

    Just saying hi from Colorado. Anyone from Colorado currently active on this board?

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    Just saying hi from southern Wyoming. Doesn't seem like this board is very active any more. I must have missed the hayday?

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    It's not terribly active, we have ALOT of lurkers. However, you will find this board has no drama, and help is easy to find.
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    hello wyoming. i live in Colorado just a few minutes from Wyoming. always looking to getting to know other hedgie lovers.
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