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Thread: Was that a hello from the sticks in IL?

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    Was that a hello from the sticks in IL?

    Heey everyone!! I joined up here today, mostly because of a hedgie emergency, lol. I\'ve gotta get to bed, but tomorrow I\'ll probably add in some about our girls. I\'m located in Olney, IL, a tiny lil town with absolutely nothing to do. So, naturally, when Dad talked about hedgies as pets, I was captivated. After extensive research and note taking on my part, I contacted Melissa from Hedgie Row- all the way in Attica, Indiana, about the sisters Honey (MHR Honey Bunn, Algerian Dark Gray) and Hashbrown (MHR Hashbrown, Algerian Chocolate). They\'re a lovely duo, despite being very different from each other!!

    Nice meeting you all! I plan on sticking around, lol.

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    Re:Was that a hello from the sticks in IL?

    We\'re glad to see you here! Welcome to the wild and wacky place we call World! :woohoo:
    Mommy to:
    5 kids-KJ, Walker, Rand, Kierlyn, Raed
    14 Hedgies- Tumbleweed, Marvin, Aodhan, Shiner, Mobic, Gemma, Kisses, Lydia, Grace, Nebula, Mireya, Isis, LadyBell and Gwynn

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    Re:Was that a hello from the sticks in IL?

    How are the girls today????
    Melissa and the Hedgehogs: Hanna, Heidi, Halina, Hedgelina, Harley, Hersheys Hugs, Honeysuckle, Hugo, and wisHbone

    Melissas Hedgie Row -
    Located in Indiana

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