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Thread: There now is a breeder in Idaho! =]

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    There now is a breeder in Idaho! =]

    I\'m proud to say that I\'m a breeder in Idaho and I\'m looking to call our little heard Gem State Pogs.

    I\'m going to be a small breeder located in the town of Weiser, ID! Right now I\'m getting ready for college, but that won\'t stop me from taking the best care of my babies! ( big and small included! ;D )

    Also I\'m trying to get a site together and applying for a USDA license since it doesn\'t hurt to get one even though I may not even have three breeding females at a time.

    My mother is even allowing me to turn our \'library\' room into the hedgie room so I can keep everything in one place.

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    Red face Hi!!

    I am in Idaho and would really like to talk to you about your hedgehogs. Please email me telling me if you have a litter right now, where you are at and how much you are selling them for along with a number I could reach you at if you could please!! thanks!!

    Ash Lee Williams

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