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Thread: Hello From Hedgie Delight

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    Hello From Hedgie Delight

    I noticed that there were not \"posts\" from the North Central US. I live in Minnesota and I am a small-scaled breeder in Minneapolis/St Paul area. I wanted to invite others in the NORTH CENTRAL US to post some questions, inquiries, or information that you might think is helpful.

    I have a website @ that has wonderful (am I biased?) information on there. I have done plenty of research, have reported from personal experience, and invite you to take a browse at your leisure.

    Thanks for reading this and I hope that someone will reply with some other posts.

    Sue W.
    Hedgie Delight Breeder
    Minneapolis/St Paul, MN

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    Re:Hello From Hedgie Delight

    Nice site Sue! I took a look at it last night when I approved your babies available post in the classified section.

    I think I may have a questionnaire from someone in Minnesota, so I will look and send it to you if I do. I don\'t have the ability to offer shipping at this time.

    Thanks for (finally) getting things started in this forum.
    Kelly Sosik-Hamor
    Hamor Hollow Hedgehogs, a New Hampshire breeder
    Do you want to buy a baby Hedgehog? Ask me if they are available |
    Hedgehog World

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