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Thread: new baby!

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    new baby!

    Hi everybody!

    My name\'s Lily and I\'m picking up my hedgie tomorrow morning!

    So excited!!! :cheer:

    Well the only breeder that was close to us is about 3 hours away and I was wondering what the best way to take my baby home would be??

    I was just planning on using a cardboard box with strips of fleece in it, but I wanted to make sure that was all right.

    Any help is appreciated!!



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    Re:new baby!

    That would be fine! if you aren\'t the one driving you could hold your hedgie too... just watch out for poo and pee! :woohoo:
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    Re:new baby!

    Thanks JoGirl!

    I\'m extremely excited and so therefore I tend to be nervous haha! I just wanted to make sure that was good for taking the baby home. I\'ll try to post some pics when I get the chance!


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    Re:new baby!

    I usually use one of those small animal traveling cages. They have worked well for me with all my babies. I usually put bedding (usually I ask the breeder to put some in so they are near something they are used to) or fleece to help them feel more comfortable. Since it\'s a shorter drive than most of my trips your little pog should travel well. If your little one seems to be antsy I might stop and let them settle down a bit. One of my girls gets car sick when in the car too long.

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