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    My cats

    My fiancé and I are total cat freaks (often it\'s just the woman but fortunately he is just as crazy about them).

    We have always wanted cats but we decided to wait until I had finished university. that went out the window when I went to visit a friend of my mom\'s, walked onto her farm past a litter of kittens on the lawn and one of them looked up at me with her pretty blue eyes...

    I went home, told me boyfriend I was in love, he saw it was serious, we went shopping for all the stuff we needed and five days later we went to pick up the kitten I wanted plus another one to keep her company. One of her brothers wrapped my boyfriend around his finger so he was the second one to come with us.

    We named the female kitten Mimosa, she is five years old by now and the diva of the house. She is the most adult cat in the house and bosses us around, she has a big repertoire of sounds all meant to make us do certain things :

    Her brother\'s name is Ernesto, he is a total baby with me even though he is 5 years old as well and pretty big. He has a natural authority and is the boss without having to fight the other cats.

    After about a year we wanted a third cat. Because I had read up on cat health and behaviour I wanted to buy a pedigreed kitten from a good breeder where the parents would be screened for health problems and the kittens could remain with their mommy long enough (13-16 weeks).
    We chose the Somali breed because we like longhaired cats who are active and form a strong bond with their humans. With our Somali cat Flynn we got exactly what we wanted.

    Flynn came from a very nice and responsible breeder who is still a friend of ours 4 years later. She is really a Birman breeder and has only ever bred one litter of Somali cats. When Flynn was born she already had a litter of three week old Birman kittens.
    My boyfriend told me he would like a fourth cat in the future, I said in that case it would make more sense to get two kittens at once so we also got one of the little Birmans. He was the prettiest of the whole litter (show judges call other judges over to see his nose, his eye colour is excellent and he has a very white body in contrast to his points for a four year old) and the kitten Flynn played with the most. They say Birmans are very calm cats but dEUS has a little of that Somali mischief in him and he is always up to something :laugh: At the same time he is very relaxed, I used to show him and he loved all the attention of being handled by the judges etc, he holds the title of International Premier. I do not show him anymore but we still go out together, we visit people with alzheimers for petting therapy.

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    Re:My cats

    You have beautiful cats
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    Re:My cats

    I love them ALL!!! BUT... my favorite is Deus the Birman!!
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    Re:My cats

    Your cats are beutiful.

    Who photo thouse with Dani in the corner?

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    May i Know about the breed of this cat.And where did you buy this ?And what are the feed plan have you chosen for your cat ?
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    My fav the 1st and last pics
    I am a momma to Squee my vampire hedgie as am I :l= also
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    They are stunning! Is Mimosa a Birman? Because she looks like one but her brother looks a little like a Maine Coon/Norwegian Forest cat! Or are they just really beautiful long hair mixes?

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