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Thread: Rehoming for male hedgehog in Midwest.

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    Rehoming for male hedgehog in Midwest.

    Hello, I am needing to rehome a male hedgehog who is approximately one year old. His name is Chas, and he is a (mostly) sweet little agouti. I adopted him back in April from some perpetually drunk and obnoxious college kid neighbors during my last semester at school. The cage they were keeping him was too small, and he didn\'t have a wheel or anything to exercise with. I took him in after they indicated they were going to get rid of him, worried that they would do something foolish and cruel. I\'ve had him for about seven months, and he is a delightful little guy, though he does have his grumpy days He had a raging mite infestation when I got him, but that\'s long since been cleared up with a few rounds of Revolution. He seems quite healthy otherwise, and loves running on his wheel and pushing around cat toys with his nose. He can be a little huffy, but he settles down quickly and is generally a little charmer.

    I\'m going to be leaving the state within the next several months, and am not sure where I\'ll end up. I sincerely don\'t want to get rid of him, as I am quite smitten, but I want to get the ball rolling on finding him a nice, loving home where he will get the attention and affection he deserves. I chose to list him on this site because everyone here seems to genuinely care about hedgehogs, which is why I\'m not posting on craigslist or similar site. I already feel guilty about giving him up, and need the peace of mind that comes from giving him to a proper home. I am located in southwest Michigan, near South Bend, Indiana. From where I live, I am fairly accessible to the rest of Michigan, as well as to Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio. I am asking a $50 rehoming fee for him, and am willing to do a bit of traveling to meet an interested party halfway. He will come with his cage setup (two Sterilite bins connected with PVC), igloo, a few cat toys, extra aspen bedding, his wheel, and a decent amount of food to get you started. If anyone is interested, please contact me by e-mail: Thank you!

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    Re:Rehoming for male hedgehog in Midwest.

    Gosh, I was just checking in on this site. I haven\'t been on in quite a while. I don\'t live in your area but I just was wondering if you had any luck with this situation? Have you found a home for him, or decided to keep him? Have you contacted any rescues? Just curious,
    Susan H.:huh:

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    Re:Rehoming for male hedgehog in Midwest.

    No, I haven\'t found anyone interested in him yet, so it\'s a bit discouraging. I have not contacted any rescues, but is there a listing somewhere on this site I should know about? I really would like to keep him, but I\'m afraid that it\'s just not feasible. I am seeking positions in either the state or national park systems, which would likely involve living in communal housing where pets are disallowed. Thanks for your concern; I appreciate it very much.

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