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Thread: Hedgehog Boarding

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    Hedgehog Boarding

    I am going home (to California) over my winter vacation for almost a month. Up until now my cousin has been planning to watch my hedgie but she just informed me that her plans have changed and she might not be in town the whole break. If she cannot watch her and I cannot get someone else I know in the area to watch her is there anyone who knows of a good boarder in the Boston Area? I live in Brighton, MA. Also what is the normal cost of something like that?

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    Re:Hedgehog Boarding

    Julie Pierce from offers a service. Try contacting her, she is the breeder of my little guy. Not sure if she still does it or has the time.

    If worst comes to worse, I am located in RI and travel to Boston to see family every couple of weekends. I can have a chat with my hubby about watching your little one for the month you are gone if you want to meet up with me? I will PM you.
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