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Thread: Hedgie sitting in NOVA or DC area?

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    Hedgie sitting in NOVA or DC area?

    Hi there -- Is anyone in the Northern Virginia or DC area interested in hedgie sitting at some point? I ask because I occasionally got out of town on the weekends and my roommate watches my hedgie, howeever I am moving to my own apartment in February. I do have a friends who I could ask to watch Bella, but I\'d much rather her be in the hands of someone who has a hedgie and knows all of the quirky behavior. My vet (and I love my vet!) also boards, but I\'d still prefer that my baby Bella not stay in a vet\'s office for a weekend (new smells, new animals, not homey, etc.)

    I was thinking that if there were other hedgie mommas in the area that we might \"join forces\" and sit eachothers hedgies if we\'re ever gone for a weekend (obviously, only if it were convenient for the other person!). That being said, I don\'t have any upcoming travel plans or anything, but just thought that maybe there are other hedgie parents in the area with similar situations. Let me know if you\'re interested!

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    Re:Hedgie sitting in NOVA or DC area?

    YES, I would be willing to watch your hedgie and if it is female, I would keep in in the office which is a separate room from my official hedgie room since my hedgies are both boys B) I live in Northern Virginia and we can PM the specifics. I do some traveling, but not very often, and usually have my sister watch my two hedgies, as my niece and nephew love them both (they are ages 6 and 4); my nephew cried the last time we picked up the hedgies as he really is attached to them.


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    Re:Hedgie sitting in NOVA or DC area?

    Awww how sweet (about your nephew, that is)! My hedgie is a girl, so I would also keep your boys in a separate room if I watch them-- we wouldn\'t want any little \"accidents\"

    I\'m so relieved that you\'d be interested! I\'m not moving until February, but I was already seeing my lack of potential hedgie sitter (that I have had with my roommate) as a potential problem!


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    Re:Hedgie sitting in NOVA or DC area?

    No problem at all :laugh:

    When I was involved in the hedgie rescue with Stasi, I kept the female buttercup in the office overnight and did not have any problems whatsoever. So, I would not anticipate any issues. And yes, I am hypervigalent and know what to look for LOL so she would be in good hands.

    What vet do you use? I go to Eastern Exotics and they are awesome. Stahl is also good and that was started by former Eastern Exotics vets.


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    Re:Hedgie sitting in NOVA or DC area?

    This sounds great! I\'m a big fan of hypervigilance when it comes to hedgehogs!

    I go to Stahl and really love them. They\'re great with the animals, I\'ve just never boarded Bella there as I can imagine that would be stressful being in such a sterile environment with other animals around, even if the staff there are great.

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    Re:Hedgie sitting in NOVA or DC area?

    I know what you mean about boarding your hedgehog; it is good to have as an option but I dont know how stressful it would be with all of the other animal smells.

    I had to have Mr. Pickles in the ICU being monitored all night; they put him in a semi dark area of the ICU but still, it was the ICU LOL which meant lots of other sick animals being monitored, which meant more commotion at night than he was used to. Well, from the report that I got, he was upset all night But the good thing is, he recooperated and also did not scratch out his eyes so it was worth it.

    I know they take good care of their boarded pets because they weigh them daily and take them out. It is good to have as an option but I still would prefer a home.

    The only reason I picked Eastern versus Stahl is that Eastern is closer to where I live. My parents live in Vienna so if I was still living at home, I would have gone to Stahl. And the vets there are former Eastern Exotics, so I see it as one big happy family LOL.


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    Re:Hedgie sitting in NOVA or DC area?

    Ha, yes I also considered Eastern Exotics! I\'m not sure why I decided on Stahl in the end, but I think maybe their basic exams are less expensive?

    Yeah, I know that Stahl also ways boarded animals each day but I can imagine how stressful that could be on a hedgie! Bella\'s completely spoiled so I\'m not sure that\'d be the best option for her

    Btw, where are your hedgies from? Bella is from Stasi and she\'ll have her first birthday in a couple of weeks

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    Re:Hedgie sitting in NOVA or DC area?

    Both of my hedgies are from Stasi, too :laugh:

    I got Spikey (my first) as a baby. Then Mr. Pickles lost his home and was returned to Stasi and she was hoping to find a rehome and she asked me. B) Spikey and Mr. Pickles are half brothers.


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