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Thread: why wont my hedgehog eat mealworms

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    why wont my hedgehog eat mealworms

    hi does every hedgehog like mealworms i have been trying all week to try and get him to eat some vet said he was underweight but he wont touch them even tryied putting them upto his mouth he has licked one but thats it

    anyone got any ideas how i can get some into him

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    Re:why wont my hedgehog eat mealworms

    I have a large number that will NOT touch a bug, alive or dead. I guess noone mentioned to them that they are insectivores.

    What are you feeding him as his staple diet?
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    Re:why wont my hedgehog eat mealworms

    We tried giving Winston mealworms and he doesn\'t like them. First we tried live, and when it crawled over Winston\'s foot, it scared him. Then we tried cutting one in half and putting some of his regular food beside it. He went for the cat food. :S
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    Re:why wont my hedgehog eat mealworms

    My hedgehogs do not eat bugs. For treats, they LOVE poached white meat turkey or chicken and wild alaskan salmon (must be wild; farmed has pesticides at a high level). My one hedgehog LOVES banana--to the point that he goes nuts if he smells it. I limit this as an occasional treat because it is a high sugar fruit.

    I think both ate a bit of steamed plain yam, too.

    Hedgehogs can be very picky about their treats.


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    Re:why wont my hedgehog eat mealworms

    he eats james wellbeloved senior/light mixed with james wellbeloved kitten

    not sure what he should eat he was on cheapwet cat food when we got him
    any advice would be appreciated

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    Re:why wont my hedgehog eat mealworms

    Mine will eat meal worms but wont touch a cricket. He will also remove my fingers for soft cooked brocolli. I guess like people, they have their own tastes.
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    Re:why wont my hedgehog eat mealworms

    Mine loves mealworms, he always chomps them up when we give them to him for a treat!

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