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Thread: wheels and sterilite containers

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    wheels and sterilite containers

    Hi Guys, so for awhile I made my own bucket wheels which came out ok but I had some questions about comfort wheels. I have my guys in sterilite containers and I use fabric liners so the cages are changed daily. How do you guys attach the wheels to this type of cage while still making it easy to take out everyday???? I know that the wheel will just tip over if not secure but I can\'t come up with an easy way to secure it while still being able to take it out daily to clean. Thanks for any advice. Also do you guys just alter the cage top to go around the wheel? or do you not use a cover? I am nervous to not put a lid on the cage, but I could easily modify the top more to accommodate the wheel.

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    Re:wheels and sterilite containers

    I have a comfort wheel and sterlite containers, where my wheel is placed (if it were to tip, finger crossed so far it hasn\'t happened) it would only fall and land against the other side, it is just on its stand. I think the only way he could make it tip was if he wasn\'t even on it, but under it and pushing it around. It seems really sturdy just sitting on top of the liner. I also don\'t have the lids on, there is nothing he could climb on that he would be able to then climb over the sides (again fingers crossed that I didn\'t jinx myself!)
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