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Thread: Robo Hamster running in circles

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    Robo Hamster running in circles

    I got my first Robo Hamster just before xmas and have noticed that all he seems to do is run in a circle does not go near his wheel!
    Is this normal, as i have looked on the internet and it says this could be a sign of a stroke?

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    Re:Robo Hamster running in circles

    I know nothing about Robo\'s, but I hope someone does!!!!

    Maybe post this under announcments, I just found out about this section!! Just put like URGENT OFF TOPIC!!! Or something!!

    I will be in prayer for you and your little buddie!!

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    Re:Robo Hamster running in circles

    It doesn\'t sound normal. I would get your hamster to a vet-it could be an ear infection which is easily treatable and is making him off balance.
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    She may have had a stroke and suffered from some degree of 'head tilt', she may have an ear infection, or she may have a neurological illness called 'hamster circling disorder'. All are serious - best of luck

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