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Thread: Post Hedgie Pictures Here!

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    Post Hedgie Pictures Here!

    So I have been looking around this site for a while and havcen\'t seen a lot of hedgie photos
    i decided to begin a post.

    Post ur hedgie here!

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    Re:Post Hedgie Pictures Here!

    Here is my baby boy, Winston Willobee III:
    [img size=500][/img]
    Momma to Wilhelmina Wiggles, and Winston Willobee III who has crossed the rainbow bridge.

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    Re:Post Hedgie Pictures Here!

    Winston is just precious!Sweet little face.

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    Re:Post Hedgie Pictures Here!

    The breeder sent me new photos of my little guy... i\'m getting him on 03/20/2010! It\'s getting nearer!
    TOmorrow i\'m going to one last pet store to get information on heating. Argh. This is a big worry for me since my room is 63, and I really want him to live with me in my room.

    So anyway, here is a new photo of him taken today...

    7 weeks old
    The breeder said he\'s super friendly! and the smallest out of the 3 hoglets. They are eating Purina Kitten Chown (is that a good brand?)

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    Re:Post Hedgie Pictures Here!

    Sorry, the photo was too big for the above post and kept forgetting to put it. [img size=406][/img]

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    Re:Post Hedgie Pictures Here!

    Love your hedgie brown nosey!! :woohoo:

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    Re:Post Hedgie Pictures Here!

    This is one of my guys - Igor

    [img size=250][/img]

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    Re:Post Hedgie Pictures Here!

    Not Phoebie; my wife found this randomly and I thought I\'d share.

    [img size=150][/img]

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    Re:Post Hedgie Pictures Here!

    My Girl Guinness all snuggleyxx [img size=500][/img]

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    Re:Post Hedgie Pictures Here!

    Cute pics!
    I have been putting all my pics here...,13/

    Lots and lots of pics of my little Pyjama Yams man there.
    Feel the Connection

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