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Thread: Any hedgehog shows in NJ?

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    Any hedgehog shows in NJ?

    I\'m new to hedgehogs
    getting my first hedgehog in 12 days! Ahhh. I\'m excited.

    Are there any hedgehog shows in nj?

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    Re:Any hedgehog shows in NJ?

    Not organized at this time - the MD one is pretty close though!
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    Re:Any hedgehog shows in NJ?

    Yeah, none in Jersey. I went up to Hedgehog Fest with my girlfriend and her hedgies, which is up in Mass. That was quite a trek.

    I would highly recommend the MD one that Stasi is throwing together. Not that long of a drive for either you or the hedgies.

    Now you may be thinking of hosting your own, and I by no means discourage that at all. Put the proper time in it, and they can be a lot of fun! However, it is really nice going to an event where people travel from everywhere to show off their hogs. You wouldn\'t believe how many of them there are! If you do your own thing, you may not get as many people.


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